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Digital printing, unlike traditional printing, allows us to meet the needs of customers interested in printing that is low effort, high impact.


MD Labels – an experienced, long-term manufacturer of self-adhesive labels for scales and printers – offers a good-quality and cost-effective assortment that is extremely diverse in terms of available variants.


Safety labels are used in order to stick to the original packaging of goods, equipment or products to determine property ownership, and prevent manipulation or abuse. It also protects against unauthorized repair of the equipment.


Feel free to contact our sales department for custom orders. We will quote each type of label that you are interested in. Do you have non-standard raw material? No problem! We will bring your selected material for you.


We have introduced Premium labels for customers who care about using high-quality labels with a unique visual aspect on their products. A wide range of materials and enrichments are used in order to meet the needs of customers.


Peel off labels are also called: multi-layer, double-layer, Peel & Read or Peel and Reveal labels. Regardless of their trade name, they all consist of at least two interconnected layers that work similarly to a small book.


We also have an assortment of self-adhesive A4 labels, which can be an excellent replacement for stickers on a roll. They are suitable for use in any kind of laser and inkjet printers and photocopiers.


Corrugated fiberboard is a durable, flexible and economical material that is ideal for small packages. On these packages, it is possible to place any graphics that the customer needs, including your company’s logo, advertising slogan or product description.

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How to prepare a file for printing

We have been cooperating with the MD Labels printing house for a very long time and we heartily recommend it. Projects are always at the highest level, and they deserve a gold medal for customer service. Best regards - ENZIM team 🙂

Enzim Sp z o.o.

MDlabels digital printing house cares about the high quality of executed orders. All orders are carried out on time, and their technical and aesthetic quality is at the highest level. Our company is delighted with the professional approach of the people working there. We recommend MDlabels Printing House as a reliable and solid partner. The team

Kalies Express

MDLables exceed expectations. Great quality of prints, good cooperation, great team of people, full professionalism. I highly recommend them!

Beata Iwanicka

I really enjoyed working with MDlabels. It is one of the most professional printing houses I have worked with, responding quickly and efficiently to customer needs, thus maintaining high quality.


We use the services of this printing house on a regular basis. The labels are always of the highest quality, they look aesthetic, the glue holds well for a long time. I can confidently recommend it to anyone who cares about high-quality services.

CarbonClean Poland

MD Labels

MD Labels is a trusted manufacturer of self-adhesive labels that you can rely on to implement your orders. We specialize in digital printing of ink jet UV labels with full processing available through flexo technology. MD labels is proud to provide high-quality labels made using advanced technology, while offering incredibly trustworthy customer service to meet all our customers’ needs.

MD Labels is not just a regionally-renowned flexographic printing house. The company also specialises in digital printing of various labels used in the marketing industry. In addition to this, its services are used by businesses which need high-quality labelling for products or packaging.
A creative approach to labels

Since our inception, we have employed a specialised team of graphic designers and printers. They produce labels quickly, efficiently and reliably. This is possible thanks to their commitment to their work and because we value experience, skills and passion, without which it would be impossible to achieve a satisfying result.

A reliable manufacturer of self-adhesive labels always takes the requirements of its customers into account. For this reason our employees maintain constant contact with customers during order processing. They are able to suggest advantageous solutions in a clear way. This customer-orientated approach results in a wide range of production possibilities: digitally printed labels can be numbered, personalised, lacquered or laminated, and foil or flexo gilding and Pantone colours can be added. Furthermore, there is a possibility of applying selective and 3D varnish!

We are pleased to help with designing creative labels. Our team makes every effort to ensure that our customers receive the best products.

Modern equipment, specialist machines

MD Labels as a manufacturer of high-quality labels spares no expense for the equipment used for work. We have a digital printing machine calibrated each day, spectrophotometers, Pantone Matching Systems and a well-equipped prepress studio. For the production of labels, we only purchase high-grade materials from renowned brands, such as Avery Dennison, KURZ, Flinnt and Paragon Ink. This allows us to maintain world-class standards that are able to successfully compete on the Polish market.

While considering all the matters mentioned above, we don’t forget about the natural environment. An ecological approach is especially important for us, which is why we have our own photovoltaic installation that generates electricity via solar cells placed on the roof of the plant. We draw energy straight from the sun! We think that responsible label manufacturers also have to manage their electricity consumption economically, which is why we have invested in LED technology and a perfectly insulated building.

It is worth noting here that digital printing is already very environmentally friendly. Very little waste is generated in the production process, which is easily disposed of and recyclable.

Cooperation on label production

The recipients of our services include both domestic and foreign companies. Dozens of satisfied companies have trusted us so far!

We invite you to cooperate with MD Labels – a professional manufacturer of self-adhesive labels. We accept requests for quotation 24 hours a day by phone or e-mail. Upon contacting us, we will be happy to provide details of our proposals and printing capabilities. We guarantee competent customer service.

The MDLabels printing house offers a wide range of products, adapted to the needs of each customer. With the labels we manufacture, labelling will become easy, quick and cheap, all because our priority is your satisfaction with our services. We deal with each order individually and look for the most advantageous solutions that will save not only time, but also money.

Given that customer satisfaction is of paramount importance to us, we make every effort to ensure that all orders carried out by MDLabels are of high quality and, above all, that they are completed by the specified deadline. Standard orders are usually sent to customers within 24 hours, which means that we can offer you an incredibly fast service. Furthermore, the products we offer are constantly available, which eliminates the need to wait for fulfilment and ensures that your orders are always complete.

The wide range available at MDLabels makes our self-adhesive label printing house a place where every customer can find the right product for them. We offer ttr tapes, ribbons, labels on rolls, self-adhesive labels, foil labels, thermal transfer labels, thermal labels, peel-off labels, removable labels and colour labels, as well as those designed for freezing or printed on A4 sheet.

The MDLabels sales department is at your disposal 24 hours a day 7 days a week to assist you. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our product range!

Highest Quality Products

We take pride in our PREMIUM-class labels due to the variation of services we provide and the refinements we can execute using high-quality raw materials from well-known suppliers such as: Avery Dennison, Kurz, Pargonink, and Flintgroup.

Advanced Technology

The advanced hybrid digital printing technology we have adopted has given us unprecedented possibilities with regards to quality and preparation time. We use Digital inkjet UV printing and combine digital and flexo printing with refinements using the DIGITAL SERIES P7 printer by the leading manufacturer of printing machines MARK ANDY.

Professional & Trusted Customer Service

We make sure to take care of the customer, ensuring constant communication, entrusted advice from educated professionals and customer satisfaction. All our self-adhesive papers meet the standards of sustainable forest management, and all adhesives are allowed direct contact with food and are ECF approved.

We Are Available 24/7

The MD Labels sales department is at your disposal 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help customers.
If you have any questions about our products, we invite you to contact us!