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Labels on A4 Sheets

We also have an assortment of self-adhesive A4 labels, which can be an excellent replacement for stickers on a roll. They are suitable for use in any kind of laser and inkjet printers and photocopiers. They are used in logistics, for address labels, as well as in many other areas where the use of stickers on a roll is not possible. The A4 paper label sheets are beneficial so that customers can create colour self-adhesive labels at their own home using a colour laser or inkjet printer.

Thanks to modern technology used for glue production, the high adhesive strength and low fusibility makes it completely safe for printing equipment. It provides great adhesion within the temperature range of -20 to +80 degrees Celsius. In the case of a customer’s demand, it is possible to make A4 labels with margins, perforations, undercutting and in any other configuration of cuts. We offer products in a wide variety of sizes with ready-made patterns, and we also offer custom orders.

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