Advantages of hybrid digital label printing
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Advantages of hybrid digital label printing

Jun 30, 2021 | Digital Printing

Hybrid printing is becoming more and more common today, as it is a great alternative to traditional Polygraph printing methods, i.e. a combination of digital and flexographic printing. Hybrid printing is recommended for those looking for a low-cost alternative for high-priority orders that require specific refinements that were once only possible with the use of flexo technology. 

Digital label printing exceeds performance from other competing methods, as it is characterized by a significantly lower workload and a rapid order fulfilment speed. Due to the nature of the process, it also allows you to modify individual print elements, such as product personalization and numbering, all while staying true to the original price of the order. Personalizing digital label printing is a great solution for customers who expect to have greater control over the final product. In addition, digital label printing allows you to make an unlimited number of changes to the design, without generating costs related to replacing the flexographic printing matrices. 

Another important advantage of our hybrid printed labels is the possibility of using the full Pantone color palette (including metallic colors, gold and silver colors), and being able to apply refinements offered through digital hybrid printing. 

The implementation of label designs through digital inkjet UV printing is a great option for customers who expect both high quality and rapid order fulfillment.  

The most important qualities that are included through hybrid digital inkjet UV printing are the following: 

  • Printing on standard substrates used with flexographic printing
  • Printing on substrates and metallized films
  • 5 digital colors in white + CMYK configuration
  • 4 flexographic stations for PANTONE enhancements and colors
  • Printing on adhesive
  • Adhesive deactivation
  • Digital white color has perfect coverage
  • Gold and silver foils – cold stamping using flexo technology
  • UV varnishing in flexo technology
  • Soft-touch lamination, matte, gloss
  • Select UV flexo varnishing
  • 3D UV flexo structural varnishes
  • Variability
  • PANTONE UV flexo colors
  • UV flexo metallic colors
  • Ability to print small runs at an affordable price
  • Ability to print large orders in many different versions – without preparation costs
  • Personalizing projects
  • Fast delivery time
  • Machine proof of printing
  • No cost of printing plates for digital printing
  • Ability to print on peel-off, as well as peel & read labels


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