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Jul 30, 2021 | Dies

Self-adhesive labels must be cut to their designated size before they are wound up on a core and then packaged. The most common method to cut the labels is by punching various shapes into the raw material with a blanking die. The self-adhesive labels that are made on rolls are cut with knives placed on rotating rolls. The biggest advantage of cutting labels with blanking dies is the ability to cut very complex shapes or perforate labels with one die. 

Printing new labels is not comparable to purchasing a blanking die and incurring all of the additional costs. MD Labels has about a thousand blanking dies with various shapes, including rectangular, square or special shapes, and our collection continues to grow. If you would like to order standard-shaped labels, we will most-likely be able to use the banking dies we already have. 

If we do not have the blanking die that you’d like, and it is not possible to choose a similar one, we will order the appropriate blanking die for you. MD Labels uses only the highest quality materials, which is why we order blanking dies for our customers from leading manufacturers, such as Rotometrics and Spilker. The purchase price of the blanking die depends on the size and shape of the label, and the number uses on one plate. It is worth noting here that ordering a die is only a one-time expense. 

For more information about the dies we have in stock, please contact Customer Service, and we will be happy to answer all of your questions. 


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