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Cold Stamping

May 24, 2021 | Stamp

Cold stamping is one of the most effective refinements that MD LABELS label printing house can offer for its products. It is a printing technique that uses special cold stamping foil and UV radiation to help the adhesive harden. The adhesive is applied using flexographic technology (polymer) on either select parts of the label, or on the entire label itself. The roller presses the glue down to the raw material, and the metal layer is torn off the foil. 

Application of the cold foil and the entire printing process takes place in the same run, which is what makes the entire label production process so cost-effective as well as time efficient. MD Labels provides the best quality materials, including various types of Kurz foil.  

We have the ability to apply paint or laminate on our cold stamping foils, so we can achieve an additional color effect to refine your labels. The cold foil lining also allows for precise detailing, so it can be used for an extremely wide range of applications. 

The MD LABELS printing house offers Premium labels with cold stamping, which are perfect for various industries including the food, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, hemp industries and many more. 


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